macOS Sierra – a disaster or a savior for software developers?

While macOS 10.12 release is knocking on the doors, many users have already had a chance to install it on their Macs and evaluate all the benefits of the newest upgrade. However, not all developer companies are catching up. In the days when operating systems become more and more closed, it is risky to develop own system components which might beсome disabled with the release of the newer system version.

Developers need to adapt their products

For example, ExpanDrive that is using custom system components for disk mounting, still struggles to fully optimize the product for the newest macOS version. To run properly, it requires additional system commands to be executed via command line, each time you reboot your Mac. On the other hand, our CloudMounter is using native OS X’s file handling capabilities, as well as FUSE for OS X and stays flexible and adaptive to OS upgrades.

To stay on board you always need to adapt your products to the ecosystem they belong to. Use as much system components as it is allowed to, and make your software as native to the system as possible. We are thrilled about other innovations new OS upgrade brings and we are ready to conquer them all.

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