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“Restore Purchase” option failure in App Store


We’ve been receiving feedback from our customers about the issues with the “Restore Purchase” option of our three applications: Elmedia Video Player, Commander One, and CloudMounter. This issue is of a great concern to us and we are already working with Apple on resolving it as soon as possible.

It occurs not only with the software designed by Eltima but also with other applications created by third-party developers that we have faced ourselves as well as were informed by some of our partners.

So far, the workaround for this situation is the following:

1. Make sure that you have bought In-App purchase for the software from Apple ID you are currently logged into. More information on how to check your purchase history in the App Store or iTunes Store can be found here:

2. Once you have verified that the In-App purchase was done from the same Apple ID, click the “Buy” button instead of the “Restore Purchase” option.

3. As In-App purchases from the same Apple ID cannot be charged twice by Apple.

They will be re-downloaded one more time

and you will be able to access the full software functionality.

Airy 3.0 – new version of a YouTube Downloader for Mac

A new version of the top YouTube downloading solution for Mac has been released – say hi to Airy 3.0!
To download YouTube videos with Airy users have to simply copy and paste the YouTube link into the app and start the download.

And it is not just plain downloading from YouTube – Airy 3.0 supports YouTube playlists with the possibility to download each item in the possible quality and supports channels with Full HD and 8K Ultra HD.

This new update brings more handy features to the neat and simple app

  • You can log in to your YouTube account and download age-restricted and protected videos.
  • Download complete playlists or select the best available quality for each item in playlist.
  • Support for YouTube channels.
  • Event notifications (via Notification Center).
  • Airy allows downloading videos in a variety of formats (MP4, FLV, 3GP) and in different resolutions. Paused or interrupted downloads can be resumed by the app and one can set up event notifications.

Look through the detailed What’s New .

Please note that all users who have purchased previous version of Airy after July 3, 2016 will get Airy 3.0 activation code for FREE!
Other registered users of Airy can .

Amazon Announces Three New Ultra-cheap Kindles

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos today took to the stage at a press conference to unveil not one but three brand new cheap-as-chips Kindle ereaders. We all know that the company is also launching a Kindle tablet today, but for those of us that can’t get past our love of eInk displays, Amazon is not leaving us behind.

The new line of Kindles starts at $79 with the new entry-level Kindle representing a refresh from the old Kindle 3. Measuring in at less than six ounces and 18 percent smaller than the old model (just the body, the display is still a 6-inch job), this one has just three buttons and sports a sleek and sexy design. While it’s not immediately clear, it seems this model will be a Kindle + Special Offers deal. You might remember when the. If not, it’s basically a heavily discounted, ad-supported Kindle. The ads on the new Special Offer Kindle are local and classy, appearing as unimposing screensavers, so don’t worry about your reading being interrupted by annoying pop-ups.

While a $79 Kindle is certainly something to write home about, Amazon announced two more new additions to the Kindle line and these definitely have us excited. The Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G are exactly what they say they are: Touchscreen Kindles. With an IR touch system and 6-inch displays, users tap the left side of the screen to go back a page, the middle for the menu, and the right side of the screen to go to the next page. The Kindle Touch and Touch 3G also come with a new X-Ray feature designed to make reading more … interactive, we suppose. Tapping a page will bring up facts about what’s happening in the book you’re reading. The example given during today’s demo was a Wikipedia article on the Versailles Treaty, because the book being read was the post-war novel ‘Remains of the Day.’ This book-specific information is apparently downloaded with the book, meaning you don’t tap the page and ending up waiting an age for whatever Wikipedia article Amazon feels is relevant to load.


Amazon Prime Video: Here’s What You Get for $8.99

If annual commitments make you break out in hives, you may be excited to learn thatand Amazon Prime Video are now both available on a month-to-month basis. Here’s what you need to know.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

Prime Video, by itself, will cost you $8.99, while basic Prime will cost you $10.99. For a full year of either you’ll pay more than the $99 annual subscription for the whole kit and caboodle.

From Amazon first tested the waters with this arrangement, earlier this month. As of April 4, through the carrier you can sign up for Amazon Prime for $10.99 per month. That’s $131.88 per year.

What Comes with Amazon Prime Video?

through a browser. Select titles are available for download to a Fire Tablet, Android device, iPhone or iPad. The time you have to view a title varies, but you will be notified if your time is almost up.on and off the service monthly. Things not currently available through Prime Video may be added, and you can add them to your Watchlist to help you keep track.

What Do I Get From Prime if I Pay Separately?

That money gets you access to free two-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. You can share your benefits with another adult member, and you get early access to specific deals on the site. While it doesn’t make sense on an annual basis, if you just want free and fast shipping for the holidays, it could be a good deal.

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Battery Fueled By Air Could Power Cars, Laptops

According to researchers at the, the St. Andrews Air battery (STAIR) may be the ticket to a new era of laptops, mobile devices, and electric cars, discarding traditional chemicals and using air as a source of power.

While the overall design has not been finalized, the researchers behind the project say that the air-fueled battery could present ten times the energy capacity of rechargeable lithium batteries currently available on the market.

“Our target is to get a five to ten fold increase in storage capacity, which is beyond the horizon of current lithium batteries. Our results so far are very encouraging and have far exceeded our expectations,” said Professor Peter Bruce of the Chemistry Department at the University of St Andrews.

Rather than using the traditional chemical constituent, lithium cobalt oxide, the STAIR battery utilizes porous carbon. Oxygen is freely drawn in from the air and reacts within the pores of the carbon component, creating a constant ‘flow’ of energy, or as Bruce states, a reagent, continuously recharging the battery as it discharges. Because the battery doesn’t require chemicals, it offers more energy for the same size battery currently available on the market, and is relatively cheaper than its chemical-based comrades.

Currently the research project reaches its halfway mark in July. Entitled ‘An O2 Electrode for a Rechargeable Lithium Battery,’ the research began on July 1, 2007, and is expected to end on June 30, 2011. The primary focus of the project is to understand how the chemical reaction of the battery works, and how to improve it. The team plans to create a STAIR cell prototype that can work in a cell phone or MP3 player, however the battery will more than likely not see a commercial release for at least another five years.

While the project is being led by Bruce and the research group over at the University of St Andrews, Strathclyde and Newcastle are also pitching in to provide additional help. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is providing the funding for the project, with £1,579,137–almost 2.2 million USD–donated thus far.

BlizzCon 2021 is cancelled

Bad news, everyone: BlizzCon is cancelled. Again.

That’s right, Blizzard has confirmed that there will be no in-person BlizzCon 2021, just like the convention was cancelled in 2020 too.

Instead, fans should look forward to a smaller online event, set to take place in early 2022.

Why was BlizzCon 2021 cancelled?

In case you couldn’t guess, this year’s convention, which normally takes place every autumn, was cancelled due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

‘The ongoing complexities and uncertainties of the pandemic have impacted our ability to properly move forward on many of these fronts, and ultimately we’re now past the point where we’d be able to develop the kind of event we’d want to create for you in November,’ explained Saralyn Smith, executive producer of BlizzCon, on.

What about BlizzCon 2022?

We’re not sure yet if next November will see a full BlizzCon 2022 or not.

What we do know is that a smaller online and in-person event will take place earlier in the year, presumably as a direct follow-up to this February’s BlizzConline 2021.

‘We’re planning a global event for the early part of next year, combining an online show along the lines of our recent BlizzConline with smaller in-person gatherings, and we’ll share more as our plans come together,’ Smith wrote.

What to expect from BlizzConline 2022

BlizzConline 2021 ran across five separate tracks – World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, Overwatch, and Strategy – and we’d expect a similar structure to next year’s event.

Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are likely to dominate the event, as neither is likely to launch before the show kicks off.

Expect online panels and discussions streamed worldwide for free, though we’re not sure what the ‘smaller in-person gatherings’ will entail.

Bogus Netflix Email Steals Passwords, Credit Cards

A new phishing scam targets Netflix’s 44 million customers worldwide by asking them for their Netflix login credentials — and their credit cards as well.

The scam uses an email with the subject line ‘Important Notice,’ according to aby Michael McKinnon of the Czech antivirus firm AVG. The body of the email contains a big red button reading ‘CLICK HERE TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT.’

The grammar in the email is not perfect, but it’s good enough to fool some people, especially those who themselves have imperfect English. Clicking the big red button takes the victim to a bogus Netflix login page. If the email address and password are entered, the scammers will get scammers access not only to the victim’s Netflix account, but to all other online accounts that use the same credentials.

A subsequent page on the bogus site asks to ‘Validate Your Payment Information’ and has fields for full name, card number, expiration date and security code. Naturally, filling in any of those fields would hand the information to online criminals.

A screenshot that AVG took of the bogus Netflix website appeared tailored to users in the United Kingdom, displaying a British toll-free service number and a URL that included ‘netflix.co.uk’ as a subdirectory. But it wouldn’t be difficult to tweak the page for Netflix customers in other English-speaking countries. (Netflix serves all of the Americas except Cuba, and most of western Europe.)

To avoid being scammed by, never click on links embedded in the body of email messages, even those that appear to come from trusted sources. Instead, open up a Web browser and type in the URL of the service in question yourself if you need to check on the status of an account.

If you end up falling victim to the Netflix scam, immediately go to the real Netflix page and change the password on your account — and then on any other accounts that use the same email address and password. If you’ve given the phishers your credit-card number, call the customer-service number on the back of the card and inform the card issuer of what’s happened.

Paul Wagenseil is a senior editor at Tom’s Guide focused on security and gaming. Follow him at Follow Tom’s Guide at , on  and on .

Contacts and Calendars don’t sync with Outlook Live

If you are usingfor syncing data with Outlook Live you may have noticed that contact info and calendar events stopped updating. This is caused by some changes in how Outlook Live works and it affected SyncMate unfortunately. Not to worry though our programmers are concentrated on making necessary changes in SyncMate at this moment in order to bring the sync back asap.

Don’t forget to enable updates notifications in SyncMate to download new version with the fix as soon as it is released.

Dailymotion Data Breach: What to Do Right Now

Dailymotion, AKA ‘that site you use when YouTube doesn’t have the video,’ has become the latest in a long line of high-traffic websites to suffer a data breach — in this case, possibly compromising 85 million user accounts.

If you’re a Dailymotion registered user, you’ll need to follow the data-breach drill. Log into your account,, and hope against hope that if the attackers got ahold of your password and username, you didn’t use those credentials for every other account online. Since Dailymotion doesn’t offer two-step verification, that’s the best you can do for now.

(in both English and French; they say pretty much the same thing) on its blog, informing users that ‘a potential security risk … may have comprised [sic] the passwords for a certain number of accounts.’

While the notice states that the attack did not steal any personal information, that information could be stolen from other websites if a Dailymotion customer used the same username and password for other, more important accounts, such as those for email, social-media or financial services.


asserted that the breach went far beyond a ‘potential security risk.’ An unknown hacker, ZDNet claims, made off with 85.2 million usernames and 18.3 million passwords on Oct. 20. The passwords were hashed with the very strong Bcrypt algorithm, meaning that even the most dedicated hacker could probably not crack them.

However, we were not able to independently verify the number of compromised accounts cited by ZDNet. The publication claimed that its information came from LeakedSource, a data-breach tracking group, and thestated 87 million Dailymotion accounts were compromised.

But because LeakedSource has not provided any hard data on Dailymotion’s woes, and Dailymotion itself has not shared any numbers, the most we can say definitively is that something went down at Dailymotion, and users would be wise to change their passwords.

Luckily, doing so is very easy. On Dailymotion’s website, log into your account, select Account Settings from the drop-down menu in the upper right, enter a new password and then click Save. Dailymotion recommends that viewers choose something a little less obvious than ‘password1234.’

You may also want to consider using ato remember all those complicated passwords. There’s really no excuse not to use one now that industry leader LastPass is mostly free.

Last year, Vivendi, the French multimedia conglomerate, purchased 90 percent of Dailymotion from the cellular carrier Orange, which retains 10 percent. This means that Dailymotion is the ward of two gigantic tech corporations, both of which should be better at protecting users from data breaches. The company could at least offer some; maybe that will be its next step.

Duke Nukem 3D Returns to iTunes App Store

3D Realms’ infamous shooter Duke Nukem 3D has returned to Apple’s App Store on iTunes (), costing fans a measly $2.99 and 12.3 MB of storage space. The game still lists as v1.0, indicating that Machineworks Northwest didn’t applied any upgrades to this classic port while it went on hiatus. So far, there’s no word on why the game was pulled despite a previous theory that the approval team had second thoughts about the game’s content.

As reported earlier, the game looks and performs like the original PC classic, however the clumsy controls–both analog and digital settings–need serious work to make the game more than just playable. Duke Nukem 3D includes all three of the original episodes–L.A. Meltdown, Lunar Apocalypse, and Shrapnel City–and even includes a new TapShoot feature that supposedly makes it easier to… well, shoot the enemy.

According to the App Store listing, Duke Nukem 3D offers over twenty hours of game time, however this edition does not include multiplayer support. Fan of 3D Realms may also want to check out Prey Invasion (), the newest portable edition to the Prey universe (and probably one of the shortest), the awesomely tasty Wolfenstein RPG by id Software (), and a overhauled version of the original Wolfenstein 3D Classic (). Additionally, while this has nothing to do with 3D Realms, fans of the MechWarrior series might want to check out iMech (), a $0.99 iPhone game similar to the popular franchise that even offers online multiplayer capabilities.

As for Duke Nukem 3D, the game is rated 12+ for cartoon or fantasy violence, realistic violence, sexual content or nudity, profanity or crude humor, mature/suggestive themes, and ‘intense’ horror/fear themes. Duke Nukem 3D does not work on the first generation of the iPod Touch, however it performs rather well on the iPhone and iPod Touch 2G.