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Elmedia Player and Folx malware threat Neutralized!

On the 19th of October 2017 we were informed by a malware research company ESET that our servers have been hacked and our apps namely Folx and Elmedia Player DMG files are distributed with a malware.

Our cybersecurity team in close coordination with ESET Team and Apple representatives took all the necessary steps and actions to stop the distribution of this Malware successfully.

We now officially announce that it is absolutely safe to download Elmedia Player, Folx, and other Eltima Software applications by users.

If you recently downloaded Elmedia Player or Folx, ESET advises you do a system check to confirm if your system was compromised or not.

Instructions- Scan for the absence of the following file or directory on your system:


The presence of any of the files above is an indication that your system may have been infected by the trojanized Elmedia Player or Folx application which means your OSX/Proton is most likely running. If you downloaded Elmedia Player or Folx on the 19th of October 2017, your system is likely affected.

NOTE: Only Elmedia Player and Folx version downloaded from our official Eltima website was infected by this malware. However, the built-in automatic update mechanism is unaffected based on the data available to our cybersecurity experts.

Steps to rid your system of this Malware

  • A total system OS reinstall is the only guaranteed way to totally rid your system of this Malware. This is a standard procedure for any system compromise with the affection of administrator account.

Please, be advised that some other system information may have been affected and take appropriate measures to invalidate them.

Europe, Australia Getting White PS3 in November

European and Australian Sony fans envious ofwill be pleased to hear that the console is making its way to Europe and Australia just in time for the holiday spending season. Available exclusively through GameStop, both the UK and German branches of the retailer are now taking web preorders for the console, which is available in the 320GB capacity and with two matching Dualshock controllers. Pricing in the UK is set at £250, while German gamers are looking at a €299 pricetag and the Aussies will have to cough up just shy of $450.

Sadly, there’s no news on when we can expect the U.S. to get this white PS3, or even if it’s headed this way at all. Japan routinely gets a larger selection of consoles in various shades and colors compared to the rest of the world. However, with Europe and Australia now getting the classy, white PS3, we’re wondering if it might sometime make its way to North America. Here’s hoping!

Filmmaker To Implant Camera in Eye-Socket

Talk about entering cyborg territory: a Canadian filmmaker says that he plans to install a mini camera in his prosthetic eye.

While it seems awkward to write about a man missing an eye, the idea of planting a camera into that empty eye-socket not only breathes in an aroma of science-fiction, but leads to the question of whether more individuals walking around in public–missing an eye no less–are watching us with those cleverly inconspicuous devices. In what may become a trend in the not-so-distant future, Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence, noted for his anti-surveillance documentaries, plans to actually install a mini camera into his prosthetic eye.

Why? According to Spence, to continue making documentaries while raising awareness about surveillance in society. Called, Spence’s ‘bionic eye’ comprises of a mini-camera, a wireless transmitter, and a battery all mounted on a tiny circuit board. According to the press kit, Spence, 36, had his eye surgically removed after enduring ten years of pain; originally, the eye was badly damaged from a shotgun accident when he was 13. Now, living in Toronto, Canada as a filmmaker, Spence rallied the help of ex-engineer Kosta Grammatis and a team of ocularists, inventors, and engineering specialists to create the ‘bionic eye.’ 

Building the eye proved to be difficult in an engineering sense, thus Kosta Grammatis set out to discover and implement the smallest, lightest, power efficient technologies. Thus, the prosthetic eye features the world’s smallest CMOS camera – 1.5mm square to be exact, or as Spence puts it, ‘small enough to be lost in a sneeze.’ The video signal transmits wirelessly, picked up by an external RF Transmitter smaller than the tip of a pencil eraser. The entire ‘bionic’ package feeds off lithium polymer battery technology, however, Grammatis said that he hoped the data will be sent and recorded via a backpack in the future. In no way does the device connect to his nerves or brain.

‘Originally the whole idea was to do a documentary about surveillance. I thought I would become a sort of super hero … fighting for justice against surveillance,’ Spence told. ‘In Toronto there are 12,000 cameras. But the strange thing I discovered was that people don’t care about the surveillance cameras, they were more concerned about me and my secret camera eye because they feel that is a worse invasion of their privacy.’

Frankly, they are correct. Technologies that allow humans to enter private areas and record private situations -whether it’s changing clothes or sorting through financial information- should be banned despite their overall purpose. While Spence claims that he has no intention to serve as a ‘life-caster,’ meaning to film himself and others in a ‘reality tv’ setting, he reassured that the camera would be switched off when not needed. Still, how tempting would it be to just flick on the eye and silently record the woman’s cleavage across the room?  Ultimately, Spence and Grammatis may be treading into dark territory, especially if the government gets a whiff of what the device can do.

Currently Spence is working on a documentary film about the Eyeborg Project and his experience of living with the bionic eye. Move over, Steve Austin.

FlexiHub for Android 3.1 – Reinvented and Improved

Android version ofhasn’t been in our focus over the past few years and became unforgivably outdated. It dragged far behind lacking the support of the latest Android versions.

But that is no longer an issue as we are rolling out a reimagined FlexiHub for Android v.3.1 which is already available for download in Google Play.

FlexiHub for Android 3.1 has a completely new design which makes sharing USB devices even easier. It supports all Android devices starting from Android 4.0. And what is more, your Android device is no longer has to be rooted to be able to share USB peripherals over the Internet.

Google Hangouts on Air is Dead: Long Live YouTube Live

Google Hangouts on Air isn’t long for this world. At least, not as a part of Google+. On September 12, Google will move the features from the live video chatting service into, the company’s other, much more well-known livestreaming platform.

Googleto explain to users how to get Hangouts on Air to work from YouTube Live. It’s a six step process:

Hangouts are a remnant of the launch of Google+, and you could make a plausible argument that it was the most successful part. In 2013,in a Hangouts on Air program. Otherwise, though, features introduced with Google+ have been less successful.

In July 2015, Google stopped making a Google+ account a requirement for its services (this is still being rolled out) like YouTube, and Google Photos was turned into a different product completely, including its own smartphone app. Between YouTube Live coming to mobile and Hangouts on Air being folded into the service, it’s clear that Google wants as many folks streaming to YouTube as possible.

Google Photos free storage has ended – here’s what you need to do

It feels like Google Photos has existed a whole lot longer than the five years it’s been around. By 2019 the service had attracted over 1 billion users, meaning that Google’s recent decision to stop providing free unlimited storage is a huge blow to, well, more than a billion people.

As of 1 June 2021 any photos or videos you upload, or which are uploaded automatically by the app, will count against your 15GB of Google storage, or however much storage you have with your Google account.

Only Google’s own phones – the Pixel 2 through to 5 – will be exempt from the new rules. If you own one, here’s what happens now:

  • Pixel 3a, 4, 4a, 5: You’ll still have unlimited ‘Storage saver’ uploads, but not Original quality.
  • Pixel 3: Unlimited free Original quality photos until 1 January 2022. After that, unlimited Storage saver uploads.
  • Pixel 2: Unlimited Storage saver uploads.
  • Original Pixel (2016): Unlimited Original quality uploads until your phone stops working.

For everyone else, you get to keep your uploaded photos and videos, but anything uploaded on or after 1 June will count against your Google storage. 

Google Photos won’t delete your photos

Technically, you don’t need to do anything differently now because photos and videos you take on your phone will still be uploaded to Google Photos as normal, even after 1 June. But uploads (backups) will stop when your Google storage is full.

This means those images and videos will stay on your phone and won’t be backed up in the cloud. That may be ok with you, and it doesn’t mean you can’t view those photos in the Google Photos app on your phone and benefit from all the great features such as automatic tagging, the subject-based search (such as “cats” or “cars”) and the automatic creations such as animations and videos.

Aside from the fact you no longer have an online backup of your photos and videos, you won’t be able to access them in Google Photos from any other device.

I love being able to quickly find a photo in web browser version of Google Photos, but once your storage is full, the web version won’t update with new photos and videos.

What’s Storage saver?

Google has changed the name of ‘High quality’ uploads to ‘Storage saver’.

This is a tacit admission that this option, which compresses photos and videos and doesn’t store the original-quality files (except for photos 16Mp or under), isn’t really high quality at all. So you may want to rethink your options and start uploading at Original quality.

If you don’t want to pay for Google One storage – see below – then here are the

How can I free up Google Photos storage space?

You can. But this is only a temporary fix as that space will fill up again with photos and videos sooner or later.

Google is also rolling out a tool that identifies blurry, dark photos and large videos so you can choose which ones to delete to free up space.

Don’t forget, though, that your 15GB of free storage is used by Gmail and Google Drive as well as Google Photos, so you’ll need to keep some storage free if you want to keep receiving emails and creating new Google Docs or uploading files.

You’ll have received an email about the change and in it is a link to a personalised estimate of when your free storage will fill up, so it could be months or years depending upon how many photos and videos you take.

If you missed it, open the Google Photos app and look in the Manage storage section (under Backup & sync) to see the same estimate.

Get more Google Photos storage with Google One

Ultimately, if you want to continue backing up to Google Photos you’ll have to pay. This isn’t as expensive as you might fear. The service is called- a sort of combined storage and.

Upgrading to 100GB is less than £2/$2 per month and you can have up to 2TB if you need it. Check out our fullfor more on the costs and benefits of the service.

If you do add more storage to Google Photos, this is a great excuse to make sure all of your photos and videos are backed up there, so make sure to check out.

What other options do I have to back up photos and videos from my camera roll?

If you prefer, you can sign up to one of thewhich may offer even more storage or – better still – a lifetime plan which means you pay once for a set amount of storage and there’s then no subscription fee to pay after that.

An example iswhich offers 500GB for a one-off payment of £175 or 2TB for £350. Both are 65% discounts on the normal prices.

The pCloud app for Android and iOS offers automatic backups of your camera roll too, so you won’t have to do anything – just like Google Photos.

Obviously you lose the great features of Google Photos mentioned earlier –  plus the photos and video editing tools. Which is why you might prefer to pay for Google One storage instead.

Unfortunately, there are no free services which are equivalent alternatives to Google Photos. If you have a, you can probably use it to back up your camera roll. As for online services, iCloud isn’t free and neither is Flickr (which now limits free users to 1000 photos).

For more details on those, see our roundup of the

If you decide to move to a new storage solution, don’t worry – there’s an easy way to, so that you can re-upload them to your new backup.

We discussed the changes in our, which you can watch right here:

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Here’s Every Nintendo Switch App You Can Get Now

It might not seem obvious at first, but your Nintendo Switch can do more than play games.

While the Switch’s selection of non-gaming apps is still paltry, there’s enough software out there for you to watch your favorite streaming content, read digital comics and even make some music on Nintendo’s hybrid system. Here’s every app currently available on the Nintendo Switch.


Theapp allows you to watch the streaming service’s thousands of TV shows and movies either at home or on the go on your Switch. You’ll need a paid membership to use the app, with subscriptions starting at $7.99 per month forsuch as Marvel’s Runaways and A Handmaid’s Tale as well as network favorites like Atlanta and The Good Wife. The Switch version of the Hulu app even supports Hulu with Live TV (starting at $39.99 per month), making it the only current option for watching live television on Nintendo’s console.


YouTube’sis as fully featured as its PS4, Xbox One and smart TV counterparts, allowing you to log-in to your YouTube account and view the latest videos from your subscribed channels, receive personalized recommendations, and watch livestreams. You’ll even enjoy ad-free video if you’re asubscriber. There are just a few small caveats — Premium members can’t download videos for offline viewing like they can on mobile, and there’s currently no support for YouTube TV for live TV viewing.


With theapp, you can turn your Nintendo Switch into a digital comic book reader. This free-to-download app provides unlimited access to a wealth of comics for $7.99 per month, which grants you access to top titles such as Hellboy, Transformers, Star Trek and Assassin’s Creed from such publishers as IDW, Dark Horse and Titan. InkyPen supports common digital comic reader features such as panel-by-panel viewing, and even lets you blow up your comics on your big-screen TV when your Switch is docked.

KORG Gadget

is a music production app that also doubles as a musical party game. This robust digital studio lets you create the electronic music of your dreams with tons of digital instruments that you can jam out with on the app’s intuitive, touch-friendly interface. The KORG Gadget lets you perform and modify songs by moving your Joy-Con around, and you can even enjoy the app with friends via a variety of collaborative and competitive multiplayer modes that have you and your friends race to make the perfect track. The KORG Gadget is a steep investment at $48, but a worthwhile one for aspiring music producers who also want to have some fun with friends.

Hey, video lovers! Are you ready for the new release of VideoDuke? 3…2…1…

VideoDuke has quickly headed the lists of the best downloaders on the video software market. You’ve ranked it high, shared your experience and opinions about its work. We thank you for your contribution into the app’s development and improvement.

Today we’d like to inform you good news: its first update,is going to be rolled out. What should you expect from it?

VideoDuke 1.1 offers you new features and enhancements to make your download experience better. First of all, you can save 4K and 8K YouTube videos very easily. These high resolutions are not supported by the majority of video players and downloaders but VideoDuke delivers them to Mac computers without any efforts. Moreover, such video types as 2K and 5K are also easy to download.

In Advanced mode you will see all the resources related to the video, e.g. images, logos, animation, etc., carefully sorted and organized according to their name, format and size. Therefore, you will find the required file even faster than you may expect.

We’ve also improved the download speed and now you’ll get videos of any length within seconds. When a download is complete you’ll receive a notification in Notification Center. Convenient, isn’t it?

About VideoDuke in general

VideoDuke is a handy app that makes downloading videos fast, easy and comfortable for everyone. It doesn’t boast of picturesque but complicated interface that would make you confused of multiple buttons and drop-down menus. Its look is simple and minimalistic, but very good for searching videos right from the user interface.

VideoDuke is an expert downloader that saves video content of any size, length and quality from such websites as YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other site that hosts videos.

With VideoDuke you can save video files in 2 ways: Simple or Advanced mode. Simple mode is just simple. You copy and paste a link to a video into the search line, choose the video quality and press the Download button.

Advanced mode gives you more options to choose allowing you to find videos by links or search words, browse through multiple results, quickly access YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion sites, download resources related to the video, etc.

Check VideoDuke 1.1 and give us your feedback!

Hohrizontal 51 Shelf Doubles as iPod/iPhone Dock

Most iPod docks are pretty one-dimensional. Once you turn it on and insert an iPod, you’re all set. But finite elemente wants to provide a really useful alternative: an iPod dock that also doubles as a shelf.

Like all freestanding shelves, the Hohrizontal 51 attaches to a wall. With 12 mounts laid out in the plans, it’s clear this shelf can support significant loads (up to 25kg), with the iPod or iPhone sitting pretty in the middle. The speakers are directly integrated into the shelf, taking up a side each. Hohrizontal 51 also features a wood-like finish, facilitating the mix-and-match aspect of the interior design process.

Other pertinent specs: the Hohrizontal 51 features a frequency range of 50 to 25,000 Hz, and uses two 25 watt speakers. It’s a meter wide, 3 centimeters deep, with a 51 mm thickness. Aside from iPods or iPhones that fit into the 30-pin center port, the shelf also accepts audio input via USB or line-in, and is also capable of component audio/video ouput. Ironically, using non-Apple products creates more space on the shelf.

Whoever thought of integrating an entire iPod dock into a shelf is a genius, as the space-saving potential is immense. Here’s a suggestion though: why not move the iPod mount to one side, so that users can maximize the shelf space? The online brochure boasts finite elemente’s patent ownership of the concept, so let’s see if the German company is actually interested in profiting from its IP stake.

How to download all photos and videos from Google Photos

If you’re panicking about how to save those photos you’ve stacked up since 2012, fear not. There is a way to save them all in one go. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t make it entirely obvious how to do this, which is where we come in.

Whether you want to back up all your images, or migrate to another cloud storage service, here’s how to batch download all your photos and videos from Google. 

In this article, we’ll look at how to download multiple photos or videos from Google Photos as well as how to download everything from Google Photos, straight to your PC hard drive.

Though Google’s unlimited photo storage has now ended, it’s worth noting that Google won’t have deleted your photos and videos after 1 June. They’ll still be there and available to view. The change is simply that any photos and videos you upload after that date will count against your quota, even in High Quality.

You can also check out.

How to download multiple photos from Google Photos

This is the simpler task of the two, and the process is the same whether you’re downloading photos or videos from Google Photos.

  • First head toand click on the tick mark on top left corner on the photos or videos you want to download. Hold down Shift and click further down in the photo roll if you want to select multiple photos at once.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right and click Download (or use Shift + D).
  • Your download should begin.

Here’s how to . You can also read about

How to download all Google Photos at once to PC or hard drive

Downloading all your photos from Google Drive is a lot less straightforward.

If you tried to download all your images using the method above, you’d have noticed there’s no way to batch download everything directly within Google Phones (we don’t know why either). Instead, you’ll have to head to.

Google Takeout lets you download any data from your Google account – whether that’s your Chrome history, Google Play activity, Google Play Books, Hangouts history, or Google Photos. 

  • Head toand click Deselect all – this ensures you’re not downloading your entire Google history

  • Scroll down the list and select Google Photos.
  • Click on ‘All photo albums included’ to download only specific albums from Google Photos.

Note: If you haven’t separated all your pictures into albums (because who has time for that?), Google will automatically separate them by year. 

  • Once you’re happy with your selections click OK.

  • Scroll to the bottom of all the services and select Next Step.

  • In the export settings that follow, you can choose how often you want to download all your Google Photo content.

  • You can also specify whether you want the final exported zipped file to be emailed to you, or sent to another cloud storage option. We’ll stick to an email link in this case. 

Also see:

  • At this stage, you can also select how large you want each exported zip file to be. The default setting is 2GB, and the maximum size is 50GB. Keep in mind, exports larger than 2GB will be compressed in zip64 files. Google warns this may not be supported by older systems, so you may needto unzip your exports.
  • Click Create Export when you’re ready.

  • Your files will now begin exporting. You may need to wait a few minutes depending on how large your whole collection is. You can also choose to cancel at this point.

  • Once the export is complete, you’ll be able to download your photos by clicking on Show Exports.


  • You can now download each exported zip folder to your hard drive. Note: the download link expires after one week.

  • If you opted for an email notification, you can also download the exports directly from your Gmail inbox.

  • Also note, you should get a security authorization email from Google to confirm it’s you requesting to export your photos and not someone else. You may need to authorize it before you’re able to download your photos and videos.

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