Rumor: Xbox 720 and PS4 Appearing at E3 2012

While we’re currently obsessing over CES 2012, the rumor mill is also peering six months ahead to June where the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 will reportedly offer a small brief appearance.

The news arrives after Nintendo insiders claimed last week that Satoru Iwata & Co. is building Apple-like app and ebook stores for the upcoming Wii U console. There’s a strong possibility that these two features will be Nintendo’s big selling point during the gaming tradeshow this summer. There’s even talk that Nintendo will provide solid launch details, including a lineup of games available at day one.

published back in October claims that Microsoft will release the Xbox SDK while announcing the 3rd generation Kinect titles during E3 2012. The third-generation Xbox console isn’t slated to make a full debut until E3 2013. With that in mind, consumers should expect a mere taste in June that will likely focus on gaming across the three Microsoft platforms, and a release of the next-gen Xbox SDK so that developers can get started., third-party publishing sources claim the firm had signaled to partners that it will detail its next-generation console plans during the show.

As for the PlayStation 4 news, Sony executives have reportedly made it clear to third parties that it will ‘not be left behind’ in the new generation. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan even previously admitted that he wants to avoid allowing Microsoft to get the jump on the PlayStation 4, indicating an eagerness within Sony to get the next console out ASAP.

Right now it’s just too early to tell what Microsoft and Sony plan to do in June. However the two Nintendo rivals will likely offer a few goodies to nibble on in order to steal some thunder away from the Wii U launch slated for the end of 2012.