Solar Gadgets for Summer

Let the Sun Shine In

In an age of global warming and catastrophic climate change, the sun just might become our enemy, but for the time being, it can power a variety of gadgets from a speakerphone and desk lamp to a keyboard and a boom box. The devices often cost a little more, but can pay for themselves after a few years of use because they don’t need to be plugged in or use any throw-away batteries

The key is the advent of the photovoltaic solar cell. Made of silicon, solar cells convert a small amount of the sun’s energy into electrical power. They seem to be everywhere from huge array of solar cells out in the desert to smaller ones on people’s roofs. 

that has a lid covered with solar cells. It won’t put an end to the AC charger, but will give users a new level of freedom from plugging in.

But, what do you do at night? That’s where an internal battery comes in. During the day the device has enough extra power to charge its battery so that the device can be used whenever it’s needed – day or night.