USB Analyzer 4.0 is now available to download!

If you’ve been eagerly waiting to upgrade your indispensable data monitoring tool, , today you can do it. We are excited to announce the release of the latest version – USB Analyzer 4.0!  Eltima team is proud to provide efficient, user-friendly software solutions combining a simple interface and genuinely innovative features, and this release is yet another proof.

With a range of improvements added, additionally to efficient data capturing, the newest software version is now capable of monitoring virtual USB devices as well as saving logs automatically. What’s more, the revamped app can start monitoring newly connected devices automatically. On top of this, USB Analyzer 4.0 allows adding markers to important moments in the session, making it easy to compare and evaluate transmitted data. 

Special Features of USB Analyzer 4.0:

  • Automatic saving of logs.
  • Monitoring of virtual USB devices.
  • Automatic monitoring of multiple new USB devices.
  • Adding of markers to captured data.
  • Data export to a binary file.
  • Easy data packets comparison through context menu.
  • The IRP dispatch level display.
  • Resizeable New Session window.
  • The “Dump data” option has to be set up only once for data export.
  • Displaying of the PNP_LOCATION_INTERFACE interface.
  • Power supply transcription in IRP_MN_QUERY_CAPABILITIES.

USB Analyzer 4.0 is tailored for programmers, software developers, hardware engineers, testers, system integrators, lab experts, students, and anyone who codes, tests and optimizes applications, designs USB device drivers and hardware.

Please, do not hesitate toif you have questions.